The Pedrazzini Experience: The art of letting yourself be seduced

Pure elegance and a Mediterranean attitude to life in the middle of the Swiss capital of art and culture: That is the Pedrazzini experience of the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois in Basel. As a guest of our partner hotel, you have the exclusive opportunity to enjoy the Pedrazzini family's exquisite boat building skills in a city that is as famous for its cosmopolitanism as it is for its history and the mighty Rhine. Experience spectacular images from a unique perspective on one of the famous Swiss runabout motor boats. Take the chance to experience three countries at once: Germany, France and of course Switzerland. Enjoy the feeling of gliding across the Rhine in one of the best motor boats of our time. Timeless, elegant, perfect. Especially when the golden sun bathes the border triangle and the historic backdrop of the city in spectacular colours. Pedrazzini stands for elegance, innovation and precise craftsmanship. Exquisite woods are therefore processed for the boat with the highest level of expertise. The refined construction is therefore extremely sporty and durable. We want to enable our customers and the guests of the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois to enjoy this feeling and therefore make the Pedrazzini experience an exclusive experience for you. Feel the wind in your hair, feel the power of the engine - or simply let yourself be carried away to experience the wild beauty of the Rhine. Every Pedrazzini experience is different. Find out with us which one will be yours.

Pedrazzini, boat builders of the international extra class

You don't drive a Pedrazzini boat – you experience it. Perfect form, timeless design and an irrepressible passion for craftsmanship have characterized the motor boats of the traditional Swiss shipbuilding family from Bäch on Lake Zurich since the company was founded in 1914. The legendary Capri Super Deluxe, which is considered an absolute classic of modern design, was created in the 1950s. It combined the pioneering spirit of company founder Augusto Pedrazzini with his son Ferruccio's bold flair for Italian design and Swiss precision. The soul of the "Capris" is still inherent in all the runabouts of the company, which is now managed by the third and fourth generation of Claudio Pedrazzini and his son Alessandro. With the same passion for the best materials, ingenious craftsmanship and sophisticated boat building.

If you are interested or have any questions about the Pedrazzini Experience, please do not hesitate to contact our Marketing & Events Team at or by phone +41 (0) 61 375 92 97.

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