Commitment to the motorsport - Elia Epifanio secures the runner-up title in the Swiss Kart Championship in 2021!

Elia Epifanio-After France, another victory at the season finale in Wohlen, with which he secures the runner-up title in the official Swiss Kart Championship in 2021

Successful season finale of the official Swiss Kart Championship 2021 in Wohlen. Already on the training days Elia Epifanio laid the foundation stone with a perfect setup and a good feeling for the race day. He confirmed his strong form with pole position on race day. Having started from pole position in the first run, he unfortunately lost one place at the start. Through targeted blocking maneuvers, the leader enabled his third placed teammate to catch up with Elia in the last lap and thereby attack him, which meant he had to be content with third place. Starting from 3rd place in the second run, Elia was able to win a place at the start and overtake the leader on the first lap. In a team of two they sat down together and delivered a captivating exchange of blows to the audience, which Elia could ultimately decide in his favor. Starting from 2nd place in the final run, Elia was able to overtake the leader in the course of 16 laps and win the day's overall victory together with the runner-up Swiss championship in 2021! Apart from the success at the Swiss championship, Elia can look back on a very intensive and instructive season, with various international races at the World Series Karting Championship (WSK) in Italy, where the 110 best mini-drivers worldwide compete and he the races could each finish in the semi-finals.

The preparations for the 2022 season are already in full swing, so we can look forward to it!


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